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    Research &



    Learn more about our research programs in mTBI/Concussion, Parkinson's Disease, ALS or Oral Motor Speech disorders, and to get an early look at what our development labs are working on.


    The Technology behind SpeechLight

    ​The system used for classifying dysarthrias in many parts of the world, is often referred to as the "Mayo classification system.”  The SpeechLight software employs a neuropathophysiological model based on the seminal research conducted at the Mayo Clinic by Darley, Aronson, Brown (1975) refined by Duffy (2013) and other researchers, and utilizes the motor speech assessments they developed.


    This industry intelligence, along with normative data and standard deviations culled from the industry’s best published research, are embedded within the app, empowering clinicians, at the point of care, with fast, objective and expert guidance for their assessments.


    With your continued use of the SpeechLight software, we will expand exponentially on the clinical data that helps you create positive outcomes for your patients.

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