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    The PaTaKa DDK app

    SpeechLight’s PaTaKa app automates the industry-standard diadochokinetic (DDK) test which measures the strength, speed, accuracy, and consistency of a patient’s speech, and is a cornerstone to any oral motor speech assessment.

    The PaTaKa app captures and processes a patient's voice recording, calculates accurate, objective DDK rates (AMRs and SMRs), and compares the patient's rates and standard deviation versus the research-backed, normative data that is embedded in the app. 


    Test results are available instantly, and patient history is easily viewed with just a few taps on the screen.  All on the SLP's mobile device.   And with the software capturing objective, consistent DDK rates from the acoustic signal, SLPs can focus on other observeable symptoms.

    Objective, instant results that improve your patient’s experience and outcomes.

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    DDK normative rates and standard deviations SpeechLight PaTaKa app

    Watch the video to see how the PaTaKa app helps you spend more time with patients, get more accurate results, improve patient outcomes, and increase the profitability of your practice.