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    Fast and Easy

    The PaTaKa app saves you time and work.  Simply click the start button and the app does the tedious work for you.  It captures the patients speech recording, calculates the DDK rates,  and automatically creates a test result report.  And patients’ historical test results are at your fingertips—literally.

    Embedded Industry Intelligence

    The PaTaKa app provides industry intelligence embedded directly within the app.  It contains normative DDK rates and standard deviations, culled from the best published research studies, and it compares your patient’s results against those norms, instantly.   Test designs and analytical content are based on “the Mayo Model” and other leading industry research.  And guidance from this research is easily accessible on your mobile device, at the point of care.

    Better Patient Outcomes

    No more stopwatch and paper pad.  The PaTaKa app counts and times the vocalizations--consistently and accurately—allowing you to focus on other important, observable symptoms.  And with the speech recording stored on your mobile device, you can play it back any time, to refine your assessment and diagnosis, and track progression over the course of treatment.

    Increased Profit

    While better patient outcomes are our primary goal, achieving that doesn’t have to break the bank.  The PaTaKa app is available at a fraction of the cost of comparable signal analysis technology.  And when used consistently, can actually improve your bottom line:

    • Increase patient billings by $12,000 per clinician, per year from efficiency gains alone

    • Cut reporting and administration time and labor costs

    • Better outcome reporting and labor efficiency aids in MIPS compliance, which can increase your practice’s profit from +2-4% (Source:  Westview Capital Partners)

    • Increase insurance and CMS reimbursement rates.  Today’s 2% Medicare reimbursement reduction will grow to a 9% reduction by 2020 for providers who not MIPS compliant.